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    “I found the checklist super useful while building my website. As a non technical person it really gave me an Idea of what all is involved from the scratch. Thanks Web Launchpad!”

    Feng Mian

    Chicago, IL

    What you get:

    You get a 30 point checklist to help you build a great website for your small business. This is a list of all the things you need to know or do in order to make your website a great website!

    What is it all about?

    As a web designer who has worked on building or marketing a number of small business websites, I know what it takes a lot of effort to create great and engaging business websites. It can be especially daunting if you are just starting your business.

    This checklist will help you keep in mind all the important things you need to know and do to create a fantastic website for your small business so that you can get more leads and customers online through your website!